film photography

In my spare time, photography offers an outlet where I can step away from the drawing board and computer. It also offers an easy way to be creative on-the-go when I’m traveling and on vacation. I choose to not edit my photos after they are developed, including orientation. What you see is direct from the film strip.

I have a few select prints in the store available, but if there’s one here you see that I’m not offering, please send me a note and I’ll order it for you!

You are welcome to copy, display, and use my work in any way. I encourage creative derivations of my illustrations, words, photos, and videos. I would love and kindly ask that you give credit when you use my art.

Order prints

I usually have some prints available (in many sizes) in my store, but if there is a photo here that you want in your house (or office or studio or bathroom) that you don’t see in the store, let me know. I’ll order it for you, frame it, and ship it.