One of the best parts about being a children’s book author and illustrator is getting to go read my books to kids in school. During my visits, I read, answer questions about my creation process, and use the time to encourage kids to chase their dreams. If you don’t see your school or your kid’s school listed below, please drop me a note. I’d love to come by.

Mr. Kyle Hart has been to our school, Grandhaven Elementary in McMinnville on numerous occasions. Mr. Hart has a remarkable ability to connect with students. He is genuine and authentic. Kyle has a way of reaching students and really hearing what they say while validating their questions about writing and creativity. He talks to students about perseverance and dedication, the skills it takes to be a writer. But more than that, the skills it takes to foster the things they are passionate about. They listen, attentively. They look up to him for reassurance and advice as they navigate this world and what they want to become. I have known Kyle for many years and I am in awe of his authenticity. We are blessed to have him take time from his busy schedule to read to us and to listen to us. There is nothing more valuable and nothing that resonates with these kids more than Mr. Hart’s visits. They are excited about his visit in the fall, and look forward to his return in the spring. Thank you, Kyle Hart. You are truly a light in this world!
— Sarah McBride, Fourth Grade Teacher, Grandhaven Elementary School
Inviting Kyle to my classroom is easily one of my student’s favorite highlights, so much so that I continue to ask him back year after year. His presentations are authentic and engaging, and I’m always impressed by his enthusiastic attitude and passion for working with children. Kyle’s creativity encourages students to take risks and follow their dreams, and his books are a wonderful platform for teaching things like empathy and making a difference in your community. I highly recommend having him visit, and know that your students will enjoy his presence just as much as mine have.
— Courtney Hauser, Fourth grade Teacher, West Tualatin View Elementary
Kyle cares so much about kids getting positive messages. He also does what he can to empower student voices. The students love him. I use him and his work as an example in many of my lessons about someone who has found a way to do what he loves, works hard, and makes a difference.
— Laura Axon, Teacher & Library Media Specialist, Forest Park Elementary
Kyle Hart has visited our elementary school for 3 years now. He speaks to large group of 1st and 4th graders and connects with both ages wonderfully. The kids love his books and the creativity that he uses to bring real life global issues to attention. Kyle has a humorous, relaxed presence that is relatable and charming. He inspires students and teachers alike with his ideas and his stories. He makes relevant connections with the kids and gives them realistic aspirations for accomplishing their own dreams. Inviting author, Kyle Hart, into your classroom will guarantee that your students leave with a better understanding of compassion!
— Krista Solomon, First Grade Teacher, Westridge Elementary
Kyle Hart’s books are amazing! My student’s love his creativity with facial hair and impacting the world. Not only does his books have a great message that kids can relate to but they have humor and awesome illustrations! Kyle is a great role model for kids to see how you can turn skills/interest and dreams into reality. I absolutely loved having Kyle come to my classroom and I look forward to it every year! Thank you Kyle for engaging my students to care about our world and the people who live in it!
— Emily Gitt, Fourth Grade Teacher, Metzger Elementary School
Kyle expertly handled a group of 116 fourth graders during his visit to our school. He was charismatic, engaging, and really delivered the message to students that anyone can be a writer and is capable of producing amazing work. He is also a great role model for students. The proceeds from his books goes to different charities, and the message of giving back was very apparent to our kids. Some words/phrases my class used to describe Kyle: “funky fresh”, “passionate”, “creative”, “aware”, “nice”, “thinks outside of the box”, and “funny”. We are looking forward to Kyle coming back to Sunnyside next year!
— Emma Goldsmith, Fourth Grade Teacher, Sunnyside Elementary
I really like how Kyle used real life problems, like death, and then used humor to help solve them in a way we kids understand.
— Brooklyn Eberhardt, Fourth Grader, Sunnyside Elementary
I love how he uses facial hair to solve problems in all his books. It’s so funny!
— Lilly Street, Fourth Grader, Sunnyside Elementary
I like how he explained and clarified the editing and revising stages for me. Now I get how important it is!
— Maribelle Cardens, fourth Grader, Sunnyside Elementary

poster designs

When I visit schools I like to donate a set of the books to the class I visit, their library, and also provide the school and teachers with posters to remember our time spent together. Below are the posters I’ve designed through the years.